Artist Services

Music Audio Production

Is your singing talent going waste because you lack resources to produce your own music? If the answer to that question is YES! Then, you have come to the right place.

At Yahavi, we help artists to produce their own music by providing them audio production services. Our services includes Music composing, production, mixing & mastering. We will provide you recording studios with best equipment and acoustics. Our team of Composers, Recordists, Sound Engineers and Editors have solemnly dedicated their experience into producing your words into songs in your budget.

Yahavi and its team will help you to accomplish your dream of becoming a musician.So, don’t suppress the artists inside you and give it a chance to expand its wings to become the next musical sensation of India.

Music Video Production

To be a music sensation an artist requires more than just good music. A popular song is the combination of heart touching audio supported by tasteful visuals. Now you might think what’s the big deal about producing a video when one can simply upload a video holding a guitar in hand in front of the camera right? There is no big deal about it but, your song will not be as popular as it can be with a high quality video with a strong story line which expresses your feelings behind the song.Don’t believe us? Watch any Punjabi video and you will.

At Yahavi, our aim is to provide every musician a platform where we can help him to produce its own music video under one roof. From Pre-production to Post-production be it scripting, models, editing etc., we will provide you all the services.

You have a song and you want to make a video for it? Yahavi is the place to be at.

Release & Distribution

Unlike old days, there are plenty of ways to popularise your song in today’s time and no it’s not necessary to do it all by yourself and then spend rest of the time in doubt of succeeding.Releasing and distribution of your music can be a painful task if you don’t know the process and know-hows of the industry, that’s where Yahavi can help you out.

Let us take that burden off your shoulder and do all the hard work of releasing and distribution on your behalf. All you need to do is give us a budget and our team will move the mountains to make you famous. Yahavi offer the tools and services to help you to increase sales of your music on the digital platform such as iTunes, Amazon, Saavn, Spotify and YouTube etc.


There can be endless ways to promote your song but, what if you don’t know the most effective strategy to hit the right audience? Would you let your song suffer because your marketing skills are not as good as your singing talent? We are sure you wouldn’t want that to happen with your song.

Don’t worry! Yahavi can do all the promotion for you in whatever budget suits your requirement. We have a team specifically dedicated to the task of promoting the work of artists who are associated with us.

We will provide art work which according to out experts can be useful for the promotion of your work. Our idea is that the combination of digital and traditional methods to promote a song is the best technique of promotion.